Bintangs - The Golden years of Dutch Popmusic

A & B sides 1965-1982

Jaar van uitgifte:2016.
Medium: 2 CD.
Label:Universal EAN: 0602547733191


You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover, I'm A Man, Walkin' The Boogie, Groovin', Splendid Sight (Glaciation World), $60 Boss, Pileworks, See Me Waiting, Please Do Listen, No Blame, Smokestack Lightning, Blues On The Ceiling, Ridin On The L & N, Down South Blues,Travellin In The Usa, Hound Is On The Run, He Didn't Wanna Go Home, The Dying Of Mr. Fernandez, Lion Tamer, Too Much, I'm On My Own Again, Demons, The Bride, Hold It Susie / Juvenile Junk, Hello Goodbye.

You Got Love, We're Gonna Make It, Well Then It's Alright, Hey Dupes, Blue Funk, Wait, I Been Hoodood, Open And Busted, Insight Inside Out, Mush Mouth Milly, Big Black Tank, Snake In The Grass, Floating, Let Me Pass, Tequila, Rock The Socks Out Of Your Shoes, Friday Night's All Gone, Air Travel, Don't Stop, Rosemary Nymphet, Sorry Jim, Itís All In My Room, Nightfighter.

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